Lessons! Woohoo!

There are a few different options for lessons. If you're a kid, somewhere in the 6-12 range (depending on experience and attention span), you're going to want a 30 min lesson. If you're an adult, teen, or older kid, you'll want a 1 hr lesson. Beyond that, you can choose between a custom lesson, or a lesson based on Tune of the Week material. Lessons based on Tune of the Week materials are discounted ($10 off for 1 hr lessons, $5 off for 30 min lessons).

Click the button below to schedule your lesson, either in person or on zoom. There you can also pay and choose which kind of lesson you'll be signing up for. Super stoked to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cancellation policy?

You can be refunded in full if you cancel at least 3 hours before your lesson! Otherwise you will be refunded at 50%.

How do I schedule my lesson?

Just click that button below to head over to calendly to schedule!

What's up with the different pricing options?

I offer two options for lessons: custom ($50/hr, $30/half hr), or Tune of the Week material ($40/hr, $25/half hr). Custom means you can request ANYTHING (within reason) to work on, and we'll work on that. Tune of the Week material means we'll work on one of the tunes from the Tune of the Week curriculum. Additionally - if you have a pretty standard fiddle tune that you want to work on, and you don't mind me adding it to the Tune of the Week material, we can can usually make that happen at the Tune of the Week lesson price.

How long are lessons?

I usually do an hour for adults, teens, and older kids, and 30 min for younger kids. That cutoff really depends on the maturity level and fiddle experience of the kid, but it's usually somewhere in the upper-elementary age range.